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Lunch at the Gurdwara


I thought I had Melaka in Malaysia pretty much all figured out before I arrived but my first day still managed to surprise me. I’m staying at Jalan Jalan which is a great social hostel. Lee who works there runs regular lunch and dinner clubs for people to head out for food in more interesting locations, so yesterday I had lunch in a Sikh temple.


Having washed our feet and donned scarves to cover our heads and shoulders we entered the main prayer room complete with chanting guru and paid a small donation that goes towards the Sikh concept of langar – a free kitchen where people of any ethnicity or religion are served food for free. We sat down at one of the many silver benches and were greeted by the canteen volunteers with helpings of poppadoms, chapatis, rice and a selection of delicious vegetarian curries. Equality is a principal central to Sikhism and so after eating we washed up and cleaned the tables in order to share in this wonderful ideal.