Tiger Balm Theme Park – Wait…What??


I’m still determined to blog about the more bizarre or unexpected elements of travel and this place certainly qualifies. I was recommended by a friend to go here for a taste of something different from Singapore (you’ll discover its gardens, sky scrapers and endless shopping malls with no help). When you’re done with the city’s futuristic delights, head to Haw Par Villa.

Haw Par Villa-001

With more Chinese mythology than you can shake a stick at, this unusual attraction was created by the Burmese-Chinese entrepreneur brothers Aw Boon Haw and Aw Boon Par responsible for the world renowned Tiger Balm company. I’ve made my way through my fair share of this magic cream on the many mosquito bites I’ve acquired on the road, so I couldn’t help but wonder what a “theme park” also known as Tiger Balm Gardens would entail. The answer – not what you think.

Haw Par Villa

The park comprises a series of hilarious gaudy statues and dioramas teaching traditional Chinese values providing an insight into Buddhist and Confucianist beliefs as well as a lazy stroll in an unique environment and a good giggle. Theme Park it may not be in the traditional sense, but it’s certainly a fun and free way to wile away a couple of hours in outside the box Singapore.

Top tip: look for the old lady’s nipple.


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