Ode to Cambodia


Diverse in its destinations and buzzing with flourishing development after its tragic past, Cambodia has delivered a very memorable three point five weeks of travel. It’s again been rewarding to have had the time to experience the country at a slow pace, taking in everything it has to offer (and I’m sure I could have stayed longer!). Here’s what I’ve been up to…

…temple hopping at Angkor Wat…


…beach bumming around Koh Rong…

Koh Rong

…hammock swinging and motorbiking in Kampot…

Kampot and Kep

…seafood gorging and sunset gazing in Kep…


…remembering at The Killing Fields…

Phnom Penh and The Killing Fields-001

…city roaming in Phnom Penh…

Phnom Penh and The Killing Fields

…bamboo train riding in Battambang…


…and that’s not mentioning the elephants, cave swimming, circus performers, cooking classes, blind massages, jungle treks, waterfalls, homestays and all of the awesome people I have along the way. Thank you Cambodia!


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