Sexy seafood

Sexy seafood

It’s something we all search for – the seafood of our dreams. Well I found it. It’s on an island called Phu Quoc off the south coast of Vietnam. A quest for paradise in the wet season was always going to be sketchy, but fortunately the slightly dismal skies and wild waves were more than made up for by the edible treasures that the island’s waters had to offer. Every night Phu Quoc’s town centre holds a night market lined with the most incredible variety and quality of fish, clams, oysters and prawns you could ever ask for. We ate there for three nights straight with no disappointment at a snip of no more than $10 each per person per night. HEAVEN.

P1020891 P1020893P1020915P1020895P1020896

I haven’t ordered seafood since for fear that it just won’t compare! I’m sure there are plenty more treats from the sea awaiting me on my travels though. Where’s your seafood paradise?


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